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We see the challenges through our eyes.

About LTS

Changing the way the world work toward a Lean Enterprise. We do more with less: time, inventory, space, transactions, and money.

Know us

From 2009 Lean Transition Solutions Ltd has helped organisations to leverage human and operational performance improvement, maximizing the return on their investments using lean methodology, techniques and technology. We advise and oversee our clients with bespoke Lean Transformation programmes and along with the state of the art software solutions for lean practices. We are committed to eliminating waste, simplifying procedures and speeding up processes. LTS have applied Lean into many different sectors, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, finance, marketing and HR.

We innovate and implement Software Systems for Lean Management. We develop unique software solutions for our customers, these solutions help them to adopt and implement lean practices in the best way. Simplicity, Performance, User-friendliness, Reliability and Affordability are the key features of our Lean Software Solutions. In every step of implementation of Lean Software Systems and Lean methodologies we ensure true (ROI) Return on Investment for our customers.

Our Values

  1. We Live Our Values 
: Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.
  2. Leadership 
: The courage to shape a better future.
  3. Collaboration 
: Leverage collective genius.
  4. Teamwork 
: We're team players in everything we do.
  5. Accountability 
: Deliver on what we promise. 

  6. Passion 
: Committed in heart and mind. 

  7. Unity Of  Purpose 
: We're passionate about delivering dynamic and effective services. 

  8. Responsibility 
: We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.

We Focus On

Lean Leadership

Driving the lean paradigm.

Lean Systems

Developing sustainable processes.

People Development

Grow individuals and teams .


Deliver on growth expectations.


Lean Systems and Practices through software solutions.


Our mission is to change the way in which people use Lean. We want organisations to take the long term view with people development towards a lean enterprise. 

Whether you are at the start of your career or nearing the end, our aim is to help organisations and individuals to grow faster, easier and smarter.


Our Vision is to be an innovative global provider of sustainable lean interactions. To develop individuals towards lean whoever they are, to the absolute best of their untapped ability. To be an amazing organisation to interact with where all employees, partners, customers and individuals feel special.


  • Brett Griffiths founded Lean Transition Solutions Ltd with a vison to develop individuals towards lean who ever they are and with a mission to change the way in which people are developed to maximise their human potential.
  • LTS Secured their first major client with Dunlop, within weeks of conducting lean training and kaizen events LTS set up their own training academy within the grounds of the Dunlop facility.
  • LTS won a contract with the NHS to improve patient experience working with PWC and GE healthcare
  • LTS set up their first on line academy called the LTS academy and was used by IAC International Automotive Components Ltd. This was used to deliver e-learning which LTS created for the first time using our lean experience and people development knowledge.
  • LTS won a major contract with Track Training to deliver Lean training and 6 sigma processes to Panasonic to 160 employees. This was a contract that took 18 months to deliver.
  • LTS also won contracts for Trelleborg, Even Products and Interpart part of the Baxi boiler group to deliver Green & Black Belt training. LTS developed Your Career Academy to develop employees as a strategic differentiator for lean deployment
  • LTS become accredited by ILM Institute of Leadership & Management to deliver Black & Green Belt qualified programmes
  • LTS delivered Lean Training to over 100 shop-floor employees for Lawrence Technology who made luxury parts for Jaguar LandRover
  • LTS won a contract with Unilever to deliver Green & Black belt training. Also won a long term contract with Gelpack to deliver training and implement Lean software systems.
  • Won Contracts with Titan Steel wheels for Black Belt Training and development of our TPM system including our Mobile app in both IOS & Android.
  • LTS designed the first cloud based Balanced scorecard system. LTS also sold YCA platform in SAS international for their 5 manufacturing facilities globally
  • Brett Founded YCA Technologies, dedicated software development wing to gear up the Lean Transition Solutions innovative software solutions for Lean.
  • LTS won contracts to deliver Black Belt training programmes to SSE, Penn Pharma Dawn Meats and Moog Aerospace
  • LTS won a major contract with Pearson, for the YCA Platform to develop all 5000 associates.
  • PCI choose LTS as their Computerised Balanced Scorecard provider and LTS customised and implemented dynamic Computerised BSC called "Data Point"
  • DTS Training choose YCA for their Learning Management System to deliver and manage training.

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