No More Down Time

We help you to forget the unplanned maintenance, system failures and down times in production line, but help you to focus on efficiency and return on investment.

How to Implement CMMS ?

There is no use of implementing a CMMS if there is no return on investment. Different organisations have different maintenance plans, maintenance goals and maintenance strategy, organisations with different sitesalso can have different maintenance strategies according to their unique environmental circumstances. Therefore one specific CMMS will solve all issues unless it is designed to address the organisation’s specific maintenance management issues.

Lean Transition Solutions Lts recommends using a customised CMMS that specifically aligned to your organisation maintenance strategies. See the LTS’ recommended approach for implementing CMMS.

  1. Analyse defined maintenance strategies,maintenance objectives, maintenance plans and current software systems if any.
  2. Analyze current performance and process
  3. Conduct a GAP analysis
  4. Design the CMMS concept development to fill and close the GAP
  5. Ensure CMMS particularly addresses your pain points and ease the complex process
  6. Ensure CMMS has mobile capability on all platforms
  7. Visualise the CMMS concept by mapping out the framework and modules
  8. Functional CMMS development and pilot run in real time
  9. Stage gate review for developed CMMS capability with organisation’s maintenance strategy
  10. Deployment of Customised CMMS and communication / engagement process
  11. Providing training for the end users (we recommend onsite training)
  12. Analysing ROI periodically thriough dynamic reporting
  13. Continuous Improvement and support programmes to increase ROI
  14. Link to people development to maximise effectives ness and sustainability

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