How Computerised Balanced Scorecard will help you ?

Organisations that use Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software will out perform organisations without a formal approach to strategic performance management.

What is Computerised Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) ?

Computerised Balanced Scorecard is a software package that helps organisations to visualise your Balanced Scorecards digitally. Balanced Scorecard Software offers a central database of business information that is owned by the team for the team.  It will help organisations to achieve strategic performance goals & objectives. Apart from the financial data a Balanced Scorecard measures other parameters like organisational strategy, learning and development of people, business process and customers.  Typical measures include Inventory, Scrap, Delivery, Overtime, People Productivity and can also include Supplier scorecards. A Balanced Scorecard software platform will power up organisation with right KPIs, Strategic Maps  and linked to Safety Quality Delivery Cost (SQDC) delivering operational excellence and sustained growth.

Importance of Using Balanced Scorecard Software

A computerised balanced scorecard will enable management to target the right issues, driven by trend and Pareto analysis. The Safety Quality Delivery Cost (SQDC) process provides the focal point, to understand and action the issues, identified within the scorecard; the scorecard uses the entire organization KPI matrix. The Scorecard and the SQDC together enable the Business to effectively link its performance trending to the continuous improvement process in order to make sure you are targeting the right issues! 

Implementing computerised Balanced Scorecards make organisations to be

  • Structured
  • Drives alignment
  • Results driven
  • Accurate data (driven from your internal systems)
  • Multiple User Interaction
  • Clear and Simple for Understanding Data
  • Streamlined for data channels
  • Digital Visual – Graphic Representation
  • Eliminates Manual Process for Data Interrogation
  • Interacts with current data capture so no reworks and data entries
  • Strategic as well as Operationally focused

Key Benefits an Organization can achieve by using Balanced Scorecard Software

Focusing the whole organization on the key things required to create breakthrough performance

A computerised balanced scorecard shows that an organization understands the whole picture of performance and impact - and that these areas are crucial to its overall success. By focusing everyone in the organization on improving those key areas, overall performance gets better and this then has a profound impact on the bottom line.

Helping to integrate various corporate programmers (Customer Focus, Delivery Performance)

Understanding different organizational initiatives or programmes from different perspectives can be a way of getting everyone aligned and working together to achieve a common goal. If the balanced scorecard shows "delivery performance" is in the red, then focusing on team's delivery performance behaviors will lead to small improvements in each department; the overall effect will be a larger improvement in the delivery performance across the organization.

Breaking down strategic objectives to lower levels of the organization, so managers and employees all know what is required to achieve excellent overall performance

An organization may have overall goals - to increase productivity by five per cent, for example. By breaking down its productivity measures to granular levels of the organization as part of a balanced scorecard, every member of the organization will have clear targets that support the overall goals. We call this a "Line of Sight" so every employee can see their own efforts linking and aligned to the strategic objective.

Using a balanced scorecard software platform can have a positive impact on all employees, as it will recognize strengths and weaknesses of different people in different areas. Employees can feel valued in ways not recognized by traditional measurement approaches. At the same time, an organization can use its people's strengths to their greatest effect while working to improve their areas of weakness. A balanced approach to leverage strengths and build on weaknesses

Data Point computerised Balanced Scorecards Strategy

Data Point Balanced Scorecard forms part of a wider strategy. Data Point links areas of the business to deliver improvements, through understanding what is required at a strategic level cascaded down to lower levels in the business. Data Point achieves strategic and tactical goals through operational execution.

Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software delivers you:

  • Provides SQDC data to support the Daily Site meetings.
  • Drives Focus towards customer metrics.
  • Provide accurate data to support monthly reporting. (Monthly reports)
  • Builds a Continuous Improvement database linking improvements to trend analysis.
  • Enables data sets to be stored in one place.
  • Allows for year on year comparisons.
  • Bespoke to fit your requirements.
  • Drives behavioral change towards tangible results.
  • Creates a operational habit for Operational Excellence.
  • Allows focus on key business drivers by exception (Pareto).
  • Delivers Full responsibility and accountability.

Strategic Areas of Improvement with Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software

Financial Awareness

One area that is key to Data Point is Financial Awareness. It focuses on financial performance of your organisation across the organisation horizontally and vertically. It will cover revenue and profit targets, budget and cost-saving targets through lean activities. This then can be tracked for the financial status for managers to track and progress. Financial performance is usually the result of good performance in the other areas of the scorecard.

The Customer Focus

Data Point focuses on performance targets as they relate to your customers and the market. It will highlight customer growth and service targets as well as market share and your impact in the market place. Typical measures and KPIs in Data Point include Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Inventory & People as well as more detailed KPI's

Internally Focussed Teams

Internally focussed teams will drive focus on internal operational goals as they relate to the key processes necessary to deliver the customer targets. KPI’s aligned to the internal business processes & goals will drive up performance. Other KPI’s for Internal Delivery performance are, Stock Turns, Internal quality measures (Scrap / Rework) etc.

Driving growth through People Development

Harder to see areas that are intangible drivers of future and often categorised into the following areas:

  • Human Capital (Development Skills, Talent, and Knowledge)
  • Information (Technology, databases, information systems, networks, and infrastructure)
  • Organisation (Culture, engagement leadership, employee alignment, teamwork and knowledge management)

How Computerised Balanced Scorecard will help you?

Organisations that use Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software will out perform organisations without a formal approach to strategic performance management. The key benefits of using Data Point include:

Better Strategic Planning

Data Point provides a powerful structure for building and communicating strategy & KPIs. Our Blueprint helps managers to think about relationships between the different strategic objectives. The Blue Print ensures that teams are aligned on strategic objectives. Data Point delivers performance outcomes as well as key enablers or drivers of future performance and are identified to create a complete the strategic landscape.

Improved Strategy Communication & Execution

Data Point give an overview of the strategy allowing you to easily communicate strategy internally and externally. The various modules and dynamic graphics facilitate the understanding of the strategy linked to action on a data by day / week by week basis. It helps to engage all staff in the delivery and review of Strategic, Tactical & Operational objectives.

Better Alignment of Continuous Improvement Projects and Initiatives

Data Point will help you map your Continuous Improvement (CI) projects and initiatives to the different strategic objectives, which in turn ensures that the projects and initiatives are tightly focused on delivering true return on investment for all CI activities. This also keeps focus on delivering to the bottom line.

Better Management Information

Data Point helps organisations design KPI’s (key performance indicators) for their various key objectives across the business horizontally and vertically. This enables you to measure what actually matters and to understand how an action has moved the trend in the desired direction. We know through our own experience that our customers who use Data Point will report higher levels of KPI achievement and better decision-making throughout the organisation.

Improved Performance Reporting

Data Point is used to design various performance reports and dashboards especially for day to day meetings and monthly board reports. We can bespoke your reports to give you the exact information charts and data, enabling you to press a button and instantly create your reports. This prevents people spending hours every week / month creating reports for month end reviews that are by the nature of month end reports are out of date. Our report ensure the “Management Reports" focus on the most important strategic and operational issues enabling managers to monitor the execution of their plan.

Better Organisational Alignment

With the creation of our Blue Print linked to Data Point, our customers feel better aligned to their organisational goals and targets with a clear cascade of strategic objectives down to operational actions. Data Point will ensure that all departments and support functions are working towards the same common goal. By cascading Data Point into individual departments it helps to achieve performance targets and links strategy through to tactical and operational focus.

Better Process Alignment

Data Point will help to align your organisational processes such as budgeting, delivery, inventory, safety and risk assessments with strategic priority. By using Data Point it will give you the ability to create a truly strategy focused organisation.

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