What is Your Career Academy ?

Your Career Academy along with the individual section has been created to help you to understand what is expected from you in your current role and to aid you in understanding your behaviour, using these tools will enable you to orchestrate positive change. It looks at what you should be aiming to achieve to be considered for the next role.

What is career development ?

Career development is a personal journey – an ongoing process of self discovery, learning and planning that can help you achieve your personal and business goals. Your career journey is as unique as you are, whether you want to master new skills, move up the career ladder or move around the organisation. We’re partners on this journey but it’s up to you to take an active role in your career development.  

How can I develop my skills and drive my career ?

To help you drive your career you need to recognise the strengths you have to succeed, along with the skills and experiences you’ll need to develop. The further you move along, the less formal coaching, feedback and development you will need.

Development should be a constant part of your evolution; that means having a relevant development plan to ensure you’re not only reaching your full potential in your current job, but are developing for your future as well. There are some simple steps that you can take to develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours that will help you navigate through your development journey. Use the relevant sections in this platform to help you create your development plan.

How I am Doing ?

Successful development and career planning requires validation and feedback at all stages from the people who work with you and know you best including your manager, peers, team members, direct reports and yourself. By regularly asking others for their input, you can gain valuable perspective that can help you emphasise your strengths, further develop your skills and behaviours and create a realistic career development programme. There are formal and informal ways you can evaluate how you are doing and ask for feedback.

YCA Philosophy

  • We believe that the most effective leadership systems from your behaviour and personal power.
  • Building self awareness and understanding others to enable performance improvement is the foundation of self development.
  • This requires a deep understanding and reflection of our self to control, empower and lead others towards the future state.
  • Everyone has personal power and this is most effective when used in the correct manner and to build bonds while stimulating a long term relationship. This includes leading our teams, working with peers and getting the most from those who lead us
  • Once we are able to lead ourselves, we can then win the hearts and minds of others, this requires balance of understanding others needs and enthusiasm to gain synergy towards a win win environment.

Why YCA L&D Software ?

YCA Learning and Development Software is not just a software solution for learning, but it is a comprehensive solution for people development to achieve the organisation goals. YCA approach is to understand the “Human Factor” and how we all as individuals like to be developed through honesty, respect and dignity. We have taken three main headings and looked to deliver the “sweet spot” where People Development, Lean Processes and Technology meet to give true synergy. YCA is a collection of modules like Goal, E-Learning, Test & Assessment, Workshop, Stakeholder Management, Mentor Network, Action Plan, SWOT, Competencies, Priorities, Opportunities, Reflective Diary, Anonymous Feedback, Discussion Forum, Learning Log, Development Stream, Job Role, Leader Board, Team Tree and Recognition. YCA Learning and Development Software is a cloud web based solution which is acessible throgh a web browser from anywhere in the globe.

YCA Approch:


Developing people is where our heart is, we are truly passionate about people. We have been working with Learning and Development professionals and Organisational Phycologists to gain an insight to people development, however we have taken a slightly different approach to how we develop people with amazing results.


Companies have begun to recognise the need for employee growth as a strategic differentiator rather than merely representing the ‘a bolt on process’ like appraisals. In addition, an organisation’s people development activity is inextricably linked to margin improvement.


Your Career Academy has used the latest technology and applied this to people develop enabling people to access their career development from any computer, tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world. Our "App style" dashboard gives users a clear path and process in which to help them develop with amazing results.


By using Your Career Academy we can guarantee that you will feel the benefits of this innovative development approach to your personal growth. It has been very well researched over many years that by engaging employees combined with effective training can increase productivity.

YCA Tools


Your Career Academy have a comprehensive library to help all Managers to define important workplace behaviours. The library offers a common vocabulary, all staff members can use this to discuss about behavioral skills.

Goal planning

Why Set Goals? YCA have been developed in a way that goals can be structured and aligned to core company values and target objectives.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning helps the identification and development of potential successors in your company. The key in succession management is to create a match between the company's future needs and the aspirations of individual employees, linked to the desired behaviours.

Stake holder Management

The start of your stakeholder mapping process is to identify the target groups and individuals for you as an individual or a company. Stakeholders be definition are people who have a stake in your situation, career and development.


YCA Awards process helps employees strive for achievement. Research shows that employees are most motivated when rewarded and recognised for their achievements. YCA encompasses this theory with a combination of Awards and Recognition.

Reflection Diary

The YCA Reflective Diary process is vital to modern personal learning and development, without reflection practice becomes a routine rather than a challenge and the quality of service provision to service users may be diminished.

E-Learning Material

YCA have designed E-learning modules to transfer the knowledge you need on a given subject in an innovative and interesting way saving the time and cost of a training course.

360 Feedback

360° Feedback is a Development Tool to help employees recognise strengths and weaknesses and become more effective: When done properly, 360° is a highly effective development tool. The feedback process gives people an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to a co-worker that they might otherwise be uncomfortable giving. Feedback recipients gain insight into how others perceive them and have an opportunity to adjust behaviours and develop skills that will enable them to excel at their jobs.

  • 360° feedback measures behaviours and competencies
  • 360° assessments provide feedback on how others perceive an employee
  • 360° feedback addresses skills such as listening, planning, and goal-setting
  • 360° feedback is not a way to measure employee performance objectives
  • 360° feedback is not focused on basic technical or job-specific skills

Employee Network

Developing people is where our heart is, we are truly passionate about people. We have been working with Learning and Development professionals and Organisational Phycologists to gain an insight to people development, however we have taken a slightly different approach to how we develop people with amazing results Leaders at all levels of an organisation can no longer rely on their functional skills and know how; they have to develop the ability to.

Test & Assessment

YCA has developed a test and assessment process that allows the organisation to generate true Return on Investment (ROI). This process allows new tests to be created and scored automatically by the platform. The assessment process gives the marker the opportunity to mark and score each individual question.

Goal and Planning

Goal setting is used by top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals, and you'll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. You will also raise your self- confidence, as you recognise your own ability and competence in achieving the goal you have set.

Team Overview

Employee Recognition is a great way to reward and recognise your teams. 63% of people feel that recognition would improve their relationship with their manager. Recognition shows employees that they are appreciated and that their contributions count. Recognition increases employee self-esteem which improves morale and leads to a more positive workplace overall, increasing productivity and building commitment to the organisation. When an employee goes out of their way and does something outstanding, management should signal “Well Done , Good Job." This builds a culture of excellence and encourages giving that extra effort.

Geo location Data

You will find may white papers within Your Career Academy and act as a guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Many white papers argue that one particular technology, product or method for solving a specific business problem. The research findings list a set of questions or tips about a certain business issue. YCA are constantly updating and reviewing new white papers to keep up to date with trends.

Progress Report

YCA have created an easy reporting process so you are able to pull data on user activity, site performance and other pertinent information. Reports can be emailed or exported in Excel or PDF format, so that communicating vital facts to your executives, teams and direct reports is easy and intuitive. Powerful reporting options are standard within YCA and additional reporting tools are provided through A3 reporting. This tool has been used by Toyota for many years to solve problems, however YCA have developed this great lean tool to report on all areas of the platform. Additional functions can allow reporting by department and position within your organisation.

Lean Transition Solution