Lean Consultancy

LTS deliver dynamic effective consultancy to enable growth, people development, lean systems and operational capability. We have delivered Lean in many parts of the world and understand the cultural boundaries towards change management.

Breakthrough Solutions

LTS deliver active Breakthrough programmes whereby we work with you to orchestrate change within your business. These can be conducted through different types of events. (JDI) Just do it, these are short term immediate fixes. Kaizen events, these are 3 to 5 day events that drive through step change activities. (CI) Continuous Improvement events. These are longer term change events that typically take 14 weeks to deliver more challenging business opportunities

Operational Capability Including Technology

Delivering on operational capability sounds easy but with the complexities of organisations today means having the right people, with the right equipment making the right decisions. This means developing your employees is truly inspiring ways, maintaining equipment and making decisions based on sound and dynamic data. The use of mobile technology is everywhere but not used as much to deliver instant information to managers to make sound business and operational decisions.

Lean Enterprise Model

Creating a Lean Enterprise Model (LEM) is essential to deliver long term lean success. Employees need to know the pieces of the jigsaw. Without seeing the finished picture all the pieces seem to be fragmented and not aligned. A good LEM will help employees see where things fit and how they are to use them.

People Development

We truly believe in the people in your organisation. Many companies talk about how they value their employees and how they are key to the success of the growth plans. However when we engage with people we find that the company lacks clear alignment and engagement driving low productivity and motivation. We believe in three key areas to drive up engagement and motivation

  • Mastery : Develop skills and competencies
  • Autonomy : Truly connect to our stakeholders and have Responsibility and Accountability
  • Purpose : Deeply engaged in goals aligned to the individual and the business.

We aim to deliver real change within your organisation through the following

  • Developing an inspirational culture
  • Change culture through changing behaviour
  • Change behaviour by creating habit forming processes
  • Engage and connect in compelling ways
  • Find innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Inspire others to achieve new levels of performance through continuous improvement
  • Drive sustainability towards a long term success by having enabling platforms (Platform Systems)

Lean Transition Solution