T-Card:Integrated Production Planning and Plant Level Execution System

  • Project Management
  • Multiple Access​
  • Task Handling​
  • Reminders
  • Job Status​
  • Priority​

Workorder Management

The solution that allows facilities manages to effectively track and manage all work order information through a single dashboard. This includes creating work orders, updating requests, and tracking work completion across multiple-facility enterprises.

Multiple Access

Many employees work on a single project. T-Card gives access to multiple users which makes sharing details easier.

Task Handling

Oversees key items for various tasks and Captures ideas or relays important information.

Integrating with the production management system and ERP system

Integrating the processes helps to standerdise, speeding the business process in the organisation. It provides an enhanced security system for the centralised database.

Job Status

It indicates the status of jobs which are going through various processes. This helps in better planning of production.​


Tasks are arranged according to their priority. Change in the priority of a task is affects the Master Schedule Plan (MSP).

Lean Transition Solution