Janus:Automated Shop-floor Data Capture System

Your first step to industry4.0

  • Shop floor production process data collection.
  • Track all production activities.
  • Save the operator’s time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Unbiased production and machine data.
  • Realtime downtime alerts.
  • Improved production process visibility.
  • Cut down waste and cost from production operation.

Hardware implementation and cloud computing

  • Sensors
  • Ethernet IO Devices
  • PLC Machines
  • Transducer

Once you decided to go with the automated shop floor data collection, as a first step, you need to enable the production floor with the data capturing hardware devices. Sensors and transducers are a great answer to the question of how to capture data from mechanical devices without PLC unit. Hardware installation is very crucial in data capture implementation; you need to identify what all are the data you want to capture then you can draft your sensor installation plan. Different sensors are used to capture different types of actions or functions. The captured actions send to Ethernet I/O devices to process; then, the detailed data pushed to the cloud server for processing.

  • Connected Physical Systems.
  • Real-time shop floor data collection.
  • Eliminates human errors.
  • Applied Internet of Things
  • Pathway to smart manufacturing.
  • Digital signals to binaries.
  • Saves production time and reduced process waste.

Integrated to ERP, Production Planning and Maintenance Management Systems

  • Integrated Communication
  • Automation
  • Single Sign-On
  • Data Consistency
  • Rest API

Janus data capture system is so dynamic to integrate with the other management information and production management systems in the organisation. Data Capture system receives employee authentication and details from the ERP system, production-related work order and manufacturing order information from the production planning system. Data Capture sends the produced goods information to the ERP system and the machine breakdown details to the maintenance management system.

  • No data redundancy.
  • Increased flexibility and process efficiency.
  • Centralised and accessible information.
  • Saves data entry time of employees.
  • Comprehensive process visibility and integrated operation.
  • Simplified IT administration.
  • Cost and storage-saving.

Real-Time Data Processing and Synchronisation

  • Production Counts
  • Machine Status
  • Work Order Status

There is no use of collecting data if they are not processing and represented in a useful manner. Janus data capture system dashboard shows the real-time production data from the shop floor. From the dashboard, the user can see the product code, description, work order details, machine downtime, goods parts produced, scraps, OEE and shift details. There is a dynamic job timeline which chronologically plots the machine downtime status.

  • Consolidated real-time production data.
  • Dynamic timeline for runtime and downtime.
  • Machine performance prediction.
  • Work order completion prediction.
  • Interactive UI.
  • Real-time data synchronisation.
  • Various dashboard for a different type of users.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Machine Performance Calculator
  • Quality
  • Machine Availability

Janus system shows you the individual OEE report of machines, with the details such as work order, dates of production, cycle time and duration. There are detailed reports of single machine availability, performance and quality. The complete machine analytics will help you to plan and achieve increased process quality, improved performance from the machine, reduced breakdowns.

  • Individual machine OEE reports.
  • Visualisation of machine performance.
  • Workforce efficiency.
  • Production insight.
  • Data-driven decision making.

Downtime Management

  • Time Stamp
  • Downtime Reason
  • Downtime Length

When a machine downtime happens, the operator will be asked to enter the downtime reason with the operator comments. An operator can select preloaded downtime reasons with identification images from the previously occurred downtime reasons. A detailed downtime report is available with the timestamp, reason, length of the downtime and comments.

  • Quick identification of downtime reasons.
  • Unusual downtime comments.
  • Duration of downtime.
  • Downtime report based on shift.
  • Operator oriented downtime reports.

Scrap Management

  • Time Stamp
  • Scrap Reason
  • Scrap Quantity
  • Part Code

Janus data capture system helps the machine operator to log the real-time scrap reports. When the operator or the quality personal identifies a scrap part, they are allowed to enter the scrap reasons from the pre-populated list with quantity, comments. From the reported scrap list managers can locate the Work Order Number as well the Part Code along with the Time Stamp.

  • Easy to manage scrap in production.
  • Identifies repeated scrap reasons and can take corrective actions.
  • Scrap information synced to inventory.
  • Auto inventory adjustments in Production Planning System.

Users and Shift Management

  • Machine Operator
  • Production Engineer
  • Machine Support
  • Quality Inspector
  • Shift Supervisor

Data Capture system can handle different levels of users according to their privileges and responsibilities in the production process. Most of the companies prefer to go with the user types such as Machine Operator, Production Engineer, Machine Support, Quality Inspector and Shift Supervisor. However, user-specific functionalities, standards and preferences can be customised according to the organisation preferences. The system can manage the Shift changes and the break hours of all the users. Another advantage od Janus is First-off mode and machine setup time management.

  • Machine operator work logs.
  • Quality check updates.
  • The first-off mode set-up process.
  • Tool change and machine repair logs.

Supervisor Dashboard

  • Real-time Work Order updates
  • Visual Representation of Machines in Locations

Supervisor dashboard in Janus Data Capture System helps the supervisor to identify the production machines and the non-production machines in a location, layout or production line. The dashboard has an excellent user interface, it shows the real-time production updates, with Work Order information such as part name, work order number, good parts produced and the parts remaining to complete the work order.

  • Easily identifiable machine information.
  • Location-based machine tracking.
  • Processing work order information.
  • Part details with counts.
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