LTS Upholds Gender Diversity at Workplace

Gender diversity in the workplace helps employees to determine whether or not they want to work for the organisation. Realising the importance and value of women to the workforce and local community, Lean Transition Solutions has set a significant target to increase female representation in the workplace.We strongly believe that gender diversity helps businesses perform better, have greater creativity and a balanced approach to our challenges. We acknowledge that women’s participation in our organisation drives innovative and dynamic development. We encourage women to use their voices, make their own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities. “We promote a work culture in which diversity in all its forms is celebrated and valued. Together as the LTS family, we continually look for ways to incorporate and nurture female talent and to reduce barriers of any kind. Our team from different locations, different religions, ethnicity and sexes are our greatest strength and without them, we have nothing” - Brett Griffiths, Founder, Managing Director, LTS.

LTS has a continuous growth path, and we are mindful that the new opportunities we create more ways to promote gender diversity within the workforce. We are proud of our focus and determination on gender diversity and equal opportunities whilst providing our employees a great place to work irrespective of their nationality, race, gender, age, or religion. Out of our total workforce, women constitute nearly 47%, and we have set ourselves a target to achieve 50% diversity among employees by the end of 2022. Gender imbalances are approached in a holistic way by addressing the barriers that women face in the male-dominated tech industry. We make sure that women feel a sense of belonging and totally equal in our organisation. Internally, we ensure fairness in the recruitment process by having the right diversity mix. Policies of LTS are progressive and always forward-looking.


Enhancing The Lives Of Women In Our Communities

LTS continues to believe that women's empowerment is vital for any society. We realise the importance of women being economically independent and self-resilient. LTS continually aligns its approach to gender diversity with the United Nations Development Programme. The programme advocates for equal rights for women and girls to combat discriminatory practices and challenge the preset roles and stereotypes that cause inequalities and exclusion. At LTS,

  • We treat all women and men fairly at work
  • We respect and promote human rights and non-discrimination
  • The true well-being, health and safety of all women and men workers are our priority
  • We promote and provide all kinds of support for professional development
  • We promote equality, inclusion and social value throughout

LTS will continue to empower women, enable them to achieve their maximum potential and be equal in every way throughout the LTS DNA.

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