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We Live Our Values

We Live Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.



The courage to shape a better future.



Leverage collective genius.



We're team players in everything we do.



Deliver on what we promise.



Committed in heart and mind.

Unity Of  Purpose

Unity Of Purpose

We're passionate about delivering dynamic and effective services.



We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.

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Know Us

LTS facilitates the hybrid concept of "Lean Industry 4.0." We use continuous improvement strategies to support organisations as they begin on a digital transformation path. Through our lean digital solutions, we stimulate the improvement of the overall efficiency and productivity of the organisation and identify its growth opportunities. LTS delivers integrated applications capable of addressing all business operations from the suppliers to the customers. We aim to bring awareness to different organisations globally and help them implement innovative software solutions to achieve Lean Industry 4.0 environment and equip the people with Leadership 4.0 skills.

We aspire to be an innovative global provider of sustainable lean interactions. Accordingly, we focus on transforming and supporting many manufacturing businesses to adopt Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing to achieve operational excellence. To make companies smart and productive, we follow a hybrid approach; we build smart manufacturing solutions by integrating People Development (Leadership 4.0), Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We guide our clients with bespoke Lean Transformation programmes along with the state of the art software solutions for lean practices. We are committed to eliminating waste, simplifying procedures and speeding up processes. We help organisations leverage digital manufacturing to achieve sustainable development and efficiency.

Founded over a decade ago, Lean Transition Solutions Ltd (LTS) has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. LTS being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company advocates Industry 4.0 - the future realm of manufacturing. LTS delivers Lean Industry 4.0 software solutions and Leadership 4.0 solutions for various world-class organisations across the globe, including Fortune 500 companies. LTS offers its services to various fields such as Automotive, Education, Electronics, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Off-Highway, and a lot more. LTS provides an extensive range of innovative and effective software solutions which enables organisations to achieve the principles of Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing and effective people management. LTS has its global locations in India, Germany, Poland, United States, UAE, Jordan, and Mexico.

Our dedicated team make sure, the client’s requirements are met and the industrial and manufacturing challenges are addressed with our bespoke software solutions. Our team delivers many breakthrough lean software solutions for various kinds of industries, from the service sector to manufacturing. Our team is great at developing unique software solutions that solve complex problems. LTS’s approach to software development combines the robust principles of Agile with the best aspects of Lean and Scrum. We aim to bring awareness to different organisations globally and help them implement innovative software solutions to achieve Lean Industry 4.0 environment and enable people with Leadership 4.0 skills.

We see our clients as our key stakeholders and engage with them through different collaborative tools, which helps them understand and visualise the road map of their software solution development. We believe it is more important and effective to create a software system that is simple, sustainable and delivers a return on investment.

We have experience in developing both web and mobile solutions. We have developed and implemented different CMMS systems, Computerised Balanced Scorecards Systems, Automated Shop floor Data Capture Systems, Integrated Production Planning and Execution System, Maintenance Automation App, Integrated ERP Systems, Lean Audit and Assessment System, Lean 5S Audit and Assessment App, Integrated Quality, Health & Safety, In-House Contractor Management Systems, Learning and Development Solutions, E-learning Solutions, Virtual Cell app, Survey Solutions, CRM and many more.


Lean Leadership

Lean Leadership

Driving the lean paradigm


Lean Systems

Lean Systems

Developing sustainable processes


People Development

People Development

Grow individuals and teams




Deliver on growth expectations




Lean Systems and Practices through software solutions


Lean Accredited Training

Lean Accredited Training

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Certified training programs

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an innovative global provider of sustainable lean interactions. To develop individuals towards lean whoever they are, to the absolute best of their untapped ability. To be an amazing organisation to interact with where all employees, partners, customers and individuals feel special.


Our mission

Our mission is to change the way in which people use Lean.We want organisations to take long term view with people development towards a lean enterprise.Whether you are at the start of your career or nearing the end,our aim is to help organisations and individuals to grow faster,easier and smarter.



Paintech Ltd. integrated LTS Manufacturing Digital TCard into their operations, gaining access to advanced technologies for enhanced efficiency. The solution addressed the key challenges like real-time production status tracking, employee hours monitoring, raw material-task linkage, productivity tracking and more. The T Card formed the centralised work order board, providing a complete view of specific work orders, while detailed job scheduling and customisable reports further enhanced workflow optimisation and facilitated data-driven decision-making.

BBI, the world's leading diagnostic and healthcare organisation, has partnered with LTS to implement Titan CMMS at their South African facility, following the system's success at their Crumlin site in the UK. This optimised their maintenance operations, enhanced asset management with real-time data, improved planning and scheduling, centralised maintenance information, and promoted efficiency and cost savings while ensuring regulatory compliance. Titan CMMS, designed with dynamic functions, provided tailored solutions to meet individual requirements and branding guidelines, comprehensively addressing maintenance and asset challenges like JDI Management, Maintenance Management, Scorecard & KPIs, Dashboards, etc.

MEDuCAN Limited, a prominent pharmaceutical production manufacturer, has selected LTS for a holistic solution, incorporating both Maximus ERP and TCard Software. This strategic partnership reflects a shared commitment to advancing patient care by combining cutting-edge technology. Maximus ERP streamlines data-driven processes, enhancing workflow and production efficiency and ensuring error-free transactions. Alongside ERP, LTS offered Manufacturing Tcard software, a systematic approach to visualising production plans, which keeps track of the entire process from the work order planning to execution. This visual, time-based method fosters productive discussions about operational standards, promoting continuous improvement in healthcare operations.

Anglia Grain Services, the UK's largest specialist Mobile Seed Processing company, initiated a collaboration with LTS by choosing the TCard Software, signifying their commitment to harnessing innovative technology for streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency in managing sales. The Digital T Card System, implemented as a digital visual management tool, addressed various challenges associated with the current paper-based sales process. Additionally, AGS benefits from a customised Digital T Card system with corporate branding and tailored functionalities and configured Visual Planning Dashboards for a high-level summary view of key details, enhancing their overall sales management capabilities.

ACS Industries, Inc., the world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, has embraced LTS's Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software in a strategic partnership to enhance actionable insights and overall performance evaluation. This solution provides real-time tracking and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enabling efficient identification of areas needing attention, risk management, and progress monitoring toward strategic goals. Digital SQDML Dashboard comprehensive solution ensures real-time data and insights, facilitating better decision-making and overall organisational efficiency with global accessibility.

RaySpec Ltd, a pioneering force in X-ray Spectroscopy and Leader in customised Silicon Drift Detectors, has integrated LTS's Tcard Software into its operations, showcasing our commitment to aiding RaySpec in achieving efficiency and success in their industry. This collaboration involves the implementation of a customised Digital T Card solution, serving as a digital visual management tool for enhanced production process management. The Digital T Card system promises increased efficiency, enhanced visibility, improved accuracy, and cost savings. Increased visibility, collaboration, and remote access further contribute to the system's effectiveness.

Specialist Joinery, a Bespoke Joinery and Fit Out business, has strategically incorporated LTS's Tcard Software into their workflow, marking a pivotal partnership aimed at catalysing positive transformations in their operations through advanced technology. This collaborative initiative encompasses a spectrum of functionalities, including optimising production reporting, joinery production processes, maintenance tasks, resource scheduling, and material allocation. By leveraging the capabilities of our Tcard Software, Specialist Group aims to revolutionise its workflow, introducing efficiency, real-time tracking, and enhanced coordination across various facets of its operations. This integration underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that empower organisations like Specialist Group to streamline processes, boost productivity, and achieve operational excellence.

Schindler Group, the leading provider of sustainable and smart urban mobility, has partnered strategically with LTS to implement our Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software, aiming to elevate operational excellence and performance measurement to new heights. The collaboration involves customising the Data Point: Digital SQDCL Dashboard to meet Schindler's specific needs and enhancing functionalities to improve workflow and efficiency. The Digital Balanced Scorecard, structured across Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, ensures management visibility of action plans and real-time process audits, providing real-time data and insights for informed decision-making and overall efficiency.

MCL, a leading green energy management company, has chosen LTS to develop a mobile app for its iBreathe project, aligning with its commitment to sustainability through innovative technology. The development emphasises custom-tailored solutions, enhanced user experience, real-time data access, robust data security measures, scalability, data analytics, and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the app remains reliable and up-to-date.

Aura Brand, Europe's leading Brand implementation and image management specialists, has integrated LTS's Process Confirmation T Card to enhance operational processes and ensure continued success in the branding industry. The collaboration includes customisations such as user-level audit privileges, specific user allocation for audits, and area and asset allocation for audits. The Process Confirmation Tcard is personalised and configured to meet the brand's specific functionalities.


LTS constituted a turning point in the digitisation journey of Alba Aluminium. The manual 6 S audit process, which was performed using traditional paper and Excel-based methods, was digitalised with the help of the LTS' Saisho Lean Audit and Assessment app. This, in turn, formed the foundation of the Continuous improvement digitalisation process of the organisation.

LTS partnered with the Grief Packaging industry in their lean journey to implement Lean Digital Solutions as a part of their Continuous improvement process. The Process Confirmation T Cards helped them to digitalise and standardise their Leader Standard Works(LSW) and enabled them to conduct process audits and reinforce standards to uphold the organisational goals.

Commercial Express HVAC has implemented our Digital HVAC T Cards for Construction Management to manage all their HVAC-related project operations in a unified digital platform. The Digital T Card solved their major challenges of lacking real-time updates, auto-generated custom reports, task prioritisation, multiple device access and more, by providing the software solution which can track and monitor their entire operations, manage multiple tasks simultaneously, provides multiple device access and a user-friendly interface and generate custom reports for data analysis.

LTS facilitated HVAC-related project operations through the HVAC TCard for Construction Management software for NAC Mechanical Service to manage all their installation, maintenance, and energy optimisation and HVAC related project tasks and activities in a unified digital platform. LTS through the web-based Tcard system was able to support the mechanical, installation replacement and maintenance departments of NAC and address the difficulties of lacking task prioritisation features, auto generated custom reports, multiple device access and real time update.

LTS delivered the Lean Six Sigma training program to Specsavers , laying the foundation for the lean manufacturing processes, thereby providing them with the skills to manage and keep the business lean, reduce the wastes and increase the efficiency of the operations.

LTS started working as the Operational Excellence consulting and training partner of PCI Pharma and helped them achieve their strategic goals and objectives through the application of Operational Excellence principles, methods, and tools.


LTS implemented Data Point - Digital Balanced Scorecard for Stagecoach, the leading multi-modal public transport provider in the UK, to drive continuous improvement. Data Point helps Stagecoach visualise the complete business story of their organisational strategies and identifies where they are with strategy execution.

LTS eased the asset management process of The UK’s leading plant hire provider Flannery by implementing our Digital T Cards in their facility. Using Digital T Cards, Group could gain complete control and visibility over their asset management process.

To bridge the gap between job requirements, ideal candidates, training opportunities and labour shortages in industries, LTS developed and implemented a Job Portal for CIDORI to find jobs, employment and career opportunities.

Though mental health conditions have increased over the last decade, we witnessed a rapid rise during the COVID19 pandemic. With a vision to support the community, LTS, in association with A-m8 Ltd, developed a unique personalised mental health management system to address and help individuals with various mental health conditions.

LTS enabled the CQC group of companies to switch to digital tax by implementing the UK government initiative, Making Tax Digital (MTD) in Maximus ERP. The new improvement made their tax administration more efficient, effective, and simpler.

LTS started developing an App named ‘Touch-Point’ through which various organisations such as WSDAC Ltd, Access Your Ability and Support Connect and others can provide study and mentoring support to students who are part of the Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) aid. Touch-Point made it easier for students to book slots for study/mentoring support, afterwards, generate timesheets and invoices and send them to the funding body for approval.


LTS started working with a leading pharma company Novo Nordisk, France facility and implemented Lean 6S application.

BBI Pharma implemented our TITAN CMMS to manage assets and maintenance.

SNM Pharmaceuticals, Kenya choose Maximus ERP to manage their business process.

LTS started working with Diamond Box as their Operational Excellence consulting and training partner.

Implemented Data Point Balanced Scorecard Software and T-Card Software for the CQC Group of Companies, UK.

Gran Cacique, maritime cargo and passenger service company started using TITAN CMMS to manage their vessel maintenance.

Implemented Data Point: Balanced Scorecard Software at TRP Sealing Systems


Implemented Janus Data Capture System at TRP Sealing Systems.

LTS started working with Sears Seating and implemented Q-Point enterprise mobile app for quality check in production. A pilot study started for Industry 4.0 implementation.

JDEdwards customisation for PCI Pharma.

We developed and released Learners Feedback app for Codori, UK, and the app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

LTS became an official IT supplier of CQC Group of companies and implemented our ERP solution Maximus in three of their companies, Clinical Health Technologies, Quantamatic and Caress.

We delivered a Lean Training programme at BBI Pharma

LTS started Leadership 4.0 programme in TRP Sealing Systems.

Haydon Marketing launched its e-commerce website with the support of LTS.


Developed and delivered a Harassment Reporting app to Aston University UK.

Delivered a Lean and Leadership training at Reflexallen.

Lean Transition Programme and Industry 4.0 implementation started at TRP Sealing Systems.

Ideated, Developed and Released MentorYou App in Apple App Store and Google Play Store for mentors' community in association with Kadou Learning.

Delivered a Green Belt training programme at BBI Pharma.


Lean Training delivered to Roman Showers.

Lean Transition Solutions Ltd and Agile Consulting, Jordan jointly signed a contract with Ata Rabah Co for delivering operational excellence programmes.

LTS started Lean Strategic Training at Dawn Meats.

LTS won a major contract with one of the leading educational providers, for the YCA Platform to develop their associates.

PCI choose LTS as their Computerised Balanced Scorecard provider and LTS customised and implemented dynamic Computerised BSC called "Data Point".

DTS Training choose YCA for their Learning Management System to deliver and manage training.


LTS won contracts to deliver Black Belt training programmes to SSE, Penn Pharma Dawn Meats and Moog Aerospace.


LTS designed the first cloud based Balanced scorecard system. LTS also sold YCA platform in SAS international for their 5 manufacturing facilities globally.

Brett Founded YCA Technologies, a dedicated software development wing to gear up the Lean Transition Solutions, innovative software solutions for Lean.


LTS won a contract with Unilever to deliver Green & Black belt training. Also won a long term contract with Gelpack to deliver training and implement Lean software systems.

Won Contracts with Titan Steel wheels for Black Belt Training and development of our TPM system including our Mobile app in both IOS & Android.


LTS delivered Lean Training to over 100 shop-floor employees for Lawrence Technology who made luxury parts for Jaguar LandRover


LTS won a major contract with Track Training to deliver Lean training and 6 sigma processes to Panasonic to its 160 employees. This contract was delivered within a time period of 18 months.

LTS also won contracts for Trelleborg, Even Products and Interpart part of the Baxi boiler group to deliver Green & Black Belt training. LTS developed Your Career Academy to develop employees as a strategic differentiator for lean deployment.

LTS become accredited by ILM Institute of Leadership & Management to deliver Black & Green Belt qualified programmes


LTS set up their first online academy called the LTS academy and was used by IAC International Automotive Components Ltd. This was used to deliver e-learning which LTS created for the first time using our lean experience and people development knowledge.


LTS won a contract with the NHS to improve patient experience working with PWC and GE healthcare


LTS Secured their first major client with Dunlop, within weeks of conducting lean training and kaizen events LTS set up their own training academy within the grounds of the Dunlop facility.

Brett Griffiths founded Lean Transition Solutions Ltd with a vision to develop individuals towards lean whoever they are and with a mission to change the way in which people are developed to maximise their human potential.

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