Safety Point:Integrated Health And Safety Management System

  • H & S awareness through On-line training​
  • Reporting Near miss and accidents​
  • Accident Investigation​
  • H & S Audit

H & S awareness through On-line training

Ensure that safety is always on everyone’s mind by hosting ongoing safety training that is customized to the different departments of the organization

Reporting Near miss and accidents

Safety in the workplace is vital to a well-functioning warehouse, or manufacturing environment. A near-miss program may help prevent future incidents. Employers need to make the process of reporting a near miss as easy as possible.

Accident Investigation

The prime objective of accident investigation is prevention. Finding the causes of an accident and taking steps to control or eliminate it can help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

H & S Audit

The goal of a health and safety audit is to assist in the continuous improvement of the company. The audit should identify the risks and the levels of those risks within the workplace.​Identify strengths and weaknesses in your safety procedures.

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