MentorYou(MU): Mentoring App

  • What’s in it for me?​
  • For the mentor, a mentoring ​
  • Learning and development​

What’s in it for me?​

The mentee gets an opportunity to enhance their learning and benefit from the support and expertise within their network. Whether you are thinking of starting your career or a business, looking for a change, or building your experience, MU can help you connect with mentors and peers from industry of your choice.​

For the mentor, a mentoring

Relationship allows them to share their valuable expertise and support individuals keen to develop themselves. It is an opportunity to work on their leadership style and people development skills. If you would like to support individuals through their professional journey or have a platform to share your knowledge and expertise, MU is for you.​

Learning and development​

Mentoring is a partnership between two individuals, the mentor and the mentee. It may not always be our top priority. A mentoring relationship brings it to the forefront, empowering you with every interaction. Mentor and mentee relationships are vital and is an effective way to pass on knowledge within the world of business. ​

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