Maximus:Integrated ERP System

Maximus: Integrated ERP System

  • Improved Business Insights and Efficiency
  • Facilitates Information Flow Between all Business Functions
  • Enables Error-free Transactions and Productions
  • Sales Forecasting Allows Inventory Optimisation
  • Bespoke Solutions to Match Your Business Operations
Maximus:Integrated ERP System

Maximus: Integrated ERP System

  • Improved Business Insights and Efficiency
  • Facilitates Information Flow Between all Business Functions
  • Enables Error-free Transactions and Productions
  • Sales Forecasting Allows Inventory Optimisation
  • Bespoke Solutions to Match Your Business Operations
Sales Management

Sales Management

  • Sales Process
  • Quotations
  • Sale Orders
  • Sales Channel
  • Sales Persons
  • Product Catalog

The Maximus ERP system allows organisations to organise and track the sales processes in different sales areas and divisions. Keeps a real-time track of the sales process and covers various sales functions in an integrated and efficient way. Allows management to monitor sales targets achieved by individual sales personnel. Quotations can be created, sent via email and converted into a sale order once confirmed by the customer. Product variants and pricing details can be managed. The Sales channel dashboard provides you a glance at the operations and results of any sales channel.

  • Analysis of Revenues Against Benchmarks
  • Listing and Graphs of Sales Information
  • Boost Sales Performance and Profit
  • Quotation Deadline to Stimulate Customers
  • Manage Products Variants and Pricing
  • Plan, Schedule, Observe, Regulate and Arrange Sales Contacts
  • Increase Sales Volume by Improving Sales Channel


  • Customer Interaction
  • Pipeline Management
  • Customer Database
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Channel

The Maximus ERP system provides better interaction with current and potential customers. The Dashboard gives information on clients, past sales, previous marketing efforts and provides an understanding of how to cater to the needs of the customers more effectively. The primary goal of our Maximus CRM is to integrate and automate sales, marketing and customer support. It gives an organised view of new, qualified, proposed and won leads. It helps to track and measure marketing campaigns and thereby improve lead generation. It can create and manage activities, pipeline stages of the lead and sales channel.

  • Improve Business Relationship with the Customer
  • 360° View of the Customers and Their Needs
  • Assign and Track Leads
  • Offer Better Customer Support
  • Increase in Lead Conversion, Sales, Customer Satisfaction and Revenue
Purchase Management

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Vendor Details
  • Vendor Bills
  • Purchase Reporting
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Purchase Agreement

Nothing is hard to manage, whether its vendors, quotations, purchase orders or incoming shipments, with Maximus ERP system everything is at your fingertips. Users can add information about vendors, products, quantity, pricing and delivery details. Control inventory level and cost associated. Multiple vendors can be set for a product and can import vendors’ price lists to stay up to date on product pricing. Vendor bills can be generated for fully or partially delivered products and further verification can be done.

  • Sale Price and Cost can be Listed for Every Product
  • Easy Application of VAT, Billing Status and Payment Terms
  • Emails, Calls,To-do can be Scheduled for a Particular Order
  • Access to Real-Time Information from any Department Involved
  • Analyse Performance of Vendors
 Finance Management

Finance Management

  • Invoice Generation
  • Customer Data
  • Hassle-Free Payments
  • Bank Statement
  • PDF Reports
  • Analytic Accounting
  • Analyse Sales

The Maximus ERP provides hassle-free financial management. Users can generate professional invoices based on the quotes sent to customers earlier and send it via email. Tracking is possible for paid and unpaid transactions. With this, the user can have a detailed view of the transaction history. With Maximus ERP’s lively and customised dashboard users are given insight into the sales that took place over a period of time.

  • Automated Invoices on Provided Quotes
  • Record of all Transactions
  • Hassle-Free Payments
  • Detailed Financial Reports
  • Insightful Data on your Sales
Inventory and Warehouse Management

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Valuation
  • Master Data
  • Stock Report
  • Warehouse Management
  • Drop Shipping
  • Delivery Methods

Inventory is always dynamic. Constant and careful evaluation of both external and internal factors are required to boost efficiency and meet customer demands. The Maximus ERP system aims at the timely delivery of products to customers. Master data gives you updates on the stock for a product, number of units in the stock and the forecasted number of units. It provides a central database and point of reference for inventory along with the ability to analyse data, generate reports, forecast future demands and more. The flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to the point of sale is recorded. Warehouse management helps in reducing errors that could occur when the product is being shipped or delivered. Delivery methods, routes and locations can be allocated and organised. With ‘drop-shipping’ you can send products to customers directly.

  • Stock Review – Regular Analysis of the Stock in Hand
  • Support and Optimise Warehouse Functionality
  • Keep Track of Goods and its Delivery
  • Inventory Adjustment for Multiple Products
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Stock Values for a Product
HR Management

HR Management

  • Employee Dashboard
  • Recruitment Process
  • Payroll
  • Employee Performance
  • Feedbacks & Reviews
  • Announcements

Maximus ERP makes sure that human resource processes are manageable and can be dealt with much ease. It stores the record of each employee's personal and professional details. The Employee module holds details of the recruitment process, payroll management, attendance and other expenses under one roof making it easy to handle. It gives a detailed note on working hours, projects and tasks assigned. Upcoming events, leave analysis, job applications and interview details can be listed and prioritised. It also has a survey process to set up questionnaires to gain feedback from employees.

  • Keeps Track of the Employee’s Overall Performance
  • Payslips Generated as Batches
  • Feedbacks and Reviews
  • Combines all Information in a Single Dashboard
Manufacture Management

Manufacturing Management

  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Work Orders
  • PLM
  • Bill of Materials
  • Traceability:Lots
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency

Complete inventory management and specific functionalities that streamline and customise core business and manufacturing processes. With the Maximus ERP system, you can gain real time access to available and in-transit inventories and other inventory details. The efficient management of the distribution process helps to improve customer satisfaction and maximise profit. Master data provides information on Products, Bill of materials (BoM), Routings, Work Centers and Work order messages. Fully integrated Quality, Maintenance and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system. Quality of goods delivered to customers is ensured by Lot traceability, it traces the whole journey of production from raw materials to finished goods. If at all the product isn’t of good quality, with Lot traceability you can trace a lot of that particular product and get them back without any confusion. The Master Production Schedule (MPS) helps you plan your production based on your demand forecast.

  • Track and Manage the Entire Process of Manufacturing more Effectively
  • BoMs for Product Variants
  • Reports Based on Manufacturing Orders
  • Source of Accurate, Real-Time Information
Project Management

Project Management

  • Agile Project Management
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Task Analysis
  • Email Configuration
  • Customer Feedback

Maximus comes with the Agile project management method that helps users to plan and forecast their organisation’s goals within a specific time period based on real-time information and events. It can create, assign and track new tasks or activities. For improved collaboration, projects are split into stages and assigned to teams to ease the workflow and increase efficiency. It enhances control by improving process visibility. You can easily gather feedback from your customers and evaluate the performances of your teams.

  • Maintains Perspective of Overall Business Goals
  • Encourages Focused Thinking by Everyone who is Involved
  • Organise and Schedule Project Milestones
  • Track Status of Individual Tasks
  • Shows Employee Availability


  • Event Creation
  • Discussions
  • Surveys
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Chat
  • Customer Rating

Maximus ERP systems come with a unique interface for all kinds of communication. Users can schedule meetings, create events, organise and track the involvement of other employees. Live chat provides you with instant news and updates about the organisation. Public and private channels can be initiated. Public channels can be managed only by the administrator whereas private channels can be formed by individual users and invite others to the group. Chat groups for different teams keep information filtered and organised. Internal surveys give way to overall improvement. Mails can be configured and accessed with much ease.

  • Transparent and Organised Communication
  • Private and Group Chats
  • Set up a Mailing List
  • Manage Participants in Groups and Private Chats
  • Easy to Use
Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS)

The Maximus ERP system comes with a user friendly and increasingly interactive interface, allowing customers to place orders and make payments. It can easily manage multiple cashiers. Details of transactions are updated to keep track of customers and their purchases, including the records on sales for business. With the order history of each customer, recommendations for future purchases can be made. It tracks real-time data on sales performance. POS can make business more cost focused, save time and improve customer relations.

  • Optimise your Inventory and Stock Details
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Sales Tax and Accounting Made Easy
  • Customised Reports
Cloud based ERP for small and medium businesses

Cloud based ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

Birth of cloud integration broke an age-old battle against data silos, improved connectivity, visibility and ultimately optimised business processes. Maximus, Cloud-based ERP system helps you meet all the ERP objectives efficiently, with much ease. Moving to a cloud-based platform increases productivity. It provides easy and real-time collaboration among employees. Compared to an in-house IT system, cloud- based solutions are less expensive and cost-effective. Maximus has the flexibility, accessibility and mobility that edge out legacy systems. When installing Maximus proper training and trial runs are done to ensure a positive outcome. Once Maximus is up and running in the cloud, you can learn how to optimise the system’s features.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Save up to 93% of IT Costs
  • Better Internal Communication
  • Improved Customer Service and Support
  • Reduced Operational Cost and Increased Revenue
Data Synchronisation and MIS Integration

Data Synchronisation and MIS Integration

The primary purpose of an ERP system is to automate business processes in order to increase business efficiency and provide better visibility. Maximus can integrate with other Management Information Systems such as Production Management System( T-card), Quality System (Q-Point), Maintenance Management System (TITAN CMMS), Dynamic Scorecard (Data Point) and many more to meet growing business demands. Maximus ERP enable organisations to integrate isolated applications and provide a united application architecture.

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