What is 5S Process ?

5s is the foundation for any continuous improvement activity, 5S seeks to organise the workplace in a way that makes it more productive.

What is 5S Process?

  1. 5s is the foundation for any continuous improvement activity, 5S seeks to organise the workplace in a way that makes it more productive.
  2. 5s is key to lean manufacturing environment
  3. It is a method for establishing and maintaining a high performance workplace.It provides a systematic approach to:
  4. Housekeeping, Cleanliness, Organisation, Standardisation

Why do I need 5s?

  1. Creates a safe working environment
  2. Basis of control to spot any abnormal conditions
  3. Organised, efficient working environment
  4. First step to preventative maintenance
  5. Establishes employee ownership of their work area
  6. Foundation for continuous improvement
Sort – (Clearing out) SERI
Sorting essentials from non-essentials : Only have in the area what is needed for the job. Clean top down to find faults & set a standard of cleanliness
Set In Order (Straighten) SEITON
A place for everything & everything in its place :All essential items must be given a visual location. Location is dependent on safety & frequency of use
Shine (Scrub & Clean) SEISO
Maintain the standard : Keep clean those things which need to be clean for operational reasons, check those things which need to be checked by cleaning by hand.
Standardise ( Systemise) SEIKETSU
Ensure the standard is maintained : Making sure the 5S clean & checks can happen, resolve issues which arise. Improve the standard & make it easier to maintain the standard
Sustain (Self-Discipline) SHITSUKE
Everybody understands the rules & contributes to the 5S efforts.

5s is NOT a clean up campaign before an important visit

In fact 5S will mean we no longer have to commit resource to special clean ups.

How a 5S Mobile App will help you for a 5s assessment ?

Just about every organisation has, complex legacy applications (as well as paper based systems) that don’t meet growing demands for functionality, performance, or scalability. They are costly to support and maintain, and are woefully behind today’s standards for compliance, security and sustainability.

Yet ditching these paper-based applications is an easy option

It’s time to move over to our Saisho 5 S Process Application with a modern, long-term retention solution - one that reduces costs and maintenance and allows you to easily extract, access, and share valuable data. Once freed, you can shift your resources to where it matters - enabling time to work on the things that matter and innovation.

5 ways a Saisho 5 S Process App will help your assessment process and your business

1 . A 5s mobile app will provide more value to your Customers (Internally & Externally)

Maybe you’ve sat down with your employees and tried to nail down the best way to encourage more engagement towards lean practices. You want to increase their interaction with your business to promote lean engagement, of course, but you also want to provide a level of value for your customers that they feel you are becoming a centre of excellence.

One way to do this is create a gamification programme within the app. It would work like this:

The more employees interact with the 5s audits, the more points they collect, which can in turn be used for rewards and recognition programmes .

If you already have a programme like this in place – great. You can incorporate it into your mobile app, and when your employees see their points adding up in real time (rather than having to send in points in the mail or wait until they can access your website to enter them manually), they’ll be impressed and more enticed to follow up on their engagement and rewards programme in the future. Even things like issuing a trophy to the best area or the most sustained area is a great way to add competition and recognition to the 5s activity.

2 . Build a Stronger Brand

One of the most important things a mobile app offers to internal & external consumers is awareness of and communication with your brand. And through that regular interaction with your target market, you’re fostering trust.

The more your employees trusts you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to company communication and even commit to your brand. With an app, you’ll demonstrate to your employees why they should trust you by showing (rather than telling) what your brand stands for.

In the same way as distributing mouse mats, work wear, calendars, and other branded items with your company logo on it has served in the past both as advertisement and assistance, mobile apps strengthen your brand and educate your employees.

That’s why so many businesses across all the major sectors are developing strategies for mobile apps. Check out this data from the Red Hat Mobile Maturity Survey 2015:

3 . Connect Better with Employees and the 5s process

5s audits are not just about audit compliance filling out audits that are out of date or not actioned by supervisors or manager. It is about creating a dynamic approach to sustainability using technology to advance towards world class. Since 2.6 billion people now have high-powered mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times, the true game-changer in 5s and lean sustainability is now mobile apps.

Why ?

Firstly, your app won’t be merely a human being, subject to mood swings and poor performance.

And, through a solid mobile presence, you’ll always know you’re carrying out the audit in a systematic manner– an interface geared specifically to provide employees with the best experience of auditing and deciding how to improve 5s scores and the overall appearance and functionality of a work area.

In fact, the vast majority of operations managers that use mobile app see their apps as a means to primarily improve business KPI’s.

Your business is always with your customer, but think about it. If an employee engages and uses the mobile app and wants to get information, data, trends etc. ASAP, all they have to do is turn on their device and download your app. Later, when they need to carry out an action or conduct an audit, they can do it immediately, without having to wait for sheets to be printed or go back to a computer to create charts to then print out and put on a board that seldom get attention. 5s Mobile apps will raise the profile of 5s and lean engagement across the business.

4 . Easy of carrying out the audit

When employee engagement increases, productivity typically does too. In fact, the more interested and engaged employees become with 5s and your business, the greater sustainability towards lean and your journey for world class. Audits can be assigned to employees to give them reminders to carry out audits. Data and charts are collated and auto generated to enable the user and management to see live data and data trends at an instant. Audit reports are automatically emailed to users and managers if required to ensure reporting protocol. What Does Good Look Like (WDGLL) and Red Tag photos can be easily accessed to refer to enabling great referencing to the known standards.

Other Benefits of a 5s Mobile App

If these points haven’t solidified in your brain the necessity of a lean 5s mobile app, there are still more reasons to consider adopting a lean mobile app strategy to encourage more employee engagement and satisfaction Inform users of new products and offers

Stand out from the competition

Reach out to younger demographics

Sync users’ email and social media accounts

And if you structure it correctly, you can receive lots of data analytics on exactly how people interact with your app. These range from the average time a user spends using the 5s app, to the average scores and individual scores to target improvement activities.

Once you finally decide to purchase your app, it may simply start out as a portal to the same options you’ve made available on your employees. But it has room to evolve into so much more. Eventually, you might even rely on your app to inform you as to the new directions you can take your business to continue confidently into the future.

If your business were to continue operating without this functionality, you might be left in the dark on these data while your competition takes advantage of it to get closer to a world class organisation and expand their business.

How employees are changing in the way they work

- Managers will need to react more quickly to data and information

- Having data at your fingertips is vital in the future of business

- Systems will need to be revolutionised

How mobile apps will impact the bottom line

90% of companies plan to increase in mobile apps in 2018. If you don’t, there is a good chance you will be left behind your competitors

And no, a mobile app may not save your business, but it is a sure way of securing a strong presence in your industry and sustaining lean and particularly 5s. Instead of being some abstract concept of a lean tool your employees and customers appreciate, and you’ll be right in their pockets. Your logo will be placed on their mobile phone screens by default.

The convenience factor coupled with the undeniably cool element of new, rapidly evolving technology will place your business on the forefront of your industry. And hey, don’t you want to pull your device out of your pocket and play around on something you helped create?

Key Features in Saisho Saisho 5 S App ? 最初

Key features of our Saisho Saisho 5 S App

The meaning of Saisho, Saisho means

Noun - First, beginning

Adjective – Initial , first

Our employees are the true fundamentals of lean through 5s audits. The mobile acts as a teaching aid to help employees generate a habit towards 5s and therefore includes quick prompts of what 5s is all about as people sometimes forget 5s methodology, the app seeks to engage them from time to time.

The great visuals within our 5s app enables employees to simply move the slider to create the audit score with instant access to the WDGLL photos. The user can also add comments and take photos of the area as supporting evidence for the audit.

Action Plans and audit data

Summary reports enable users to scroll through and view previous audit results and data. Employees can see at an instant, audits that have been completed or missed.

Clear action plans with key areas for comments and photos are a great way to track improvements and close out outstanding actions and improvement objectives.

Charts can be automatically generated from audit scores. Fine-tuning of data analysis can be done at the click of a button to see individual areas, cells and locations as well as data ranges to see improvements over time.

How 5s practice will add value to your Organisation?

Implementing 5s within your organisation will have far reaching benefits, see a few listed below

Essential for high performance

Improves morale

Promotes safety awareness

Improves production flow and efficiency

Improves quality

Provides control over your workplace

Our Saisho 5S System will add value to your organisation in several ways:-

Smooth production flow

- It reduces search time by eliminating unnecessary items and storing items where they are most accessible.

- Location indicators show everyone the correct procedures and enable people to locate at a glance anything they need.

- Cleaning and inspection will reduce unplanned downtime by enabling you to spot equipment problems before they turn into breakdowns.

Improved Quality

Daily cleaning activities help keep contaminants out of the product and the production process.

Daily equipment checks during cleaning let you spot trouble that could lead to product defects.

Removal of waste

The primary focus of 5S is the elimination of wastes in the work environment that result from unorganised and unclean material, tools, machines, desks, inventories, aisles, walkways, storage locations.

Saisho 5S provides a structured methodical approach towards this goal.

Improved Work Place Organisation

Give a clean and tidy area

Generates a professional image

Areas arranged and managed in a logical and practical manner

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