Lean Assessment:Lean Audit and Assessment System

  • Cost Reduction​
  • People Development​
  • Identifying Challenges​
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement​
  • Developing lean Structure​
  • Lean Improvements​

Cost Reduction​

Direct impact on product cost year-on-year through the elimination of waste. The aim of is to understand in detail the standard conditions you need to work in so that you can eliminate exceptional costs.​

People Development​

Empowered operating teams, willing to contribute to the success of the company. These teams are driven by teamwork. Employees prove to be capable of making decisions that impact the company, and are held accountable for the results of their decisions.​

Identifying Challenges​

The path to success becomes clear when we identify the key challenges that the organisation faces and carry out firm actions that address true root cause. ​

Focus on Continuous Improvement​

Self-motivated, autonomous teams performing kaizen activities on a daily basis to improve the condition of their process. It is the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements.

Developing lean Structure​ ​

The interactions between lean practices and their improvements are often latent and need to be investigated. Lean Assessment Software will disclose these hidden interactions.​ ​

Lean Improvements​

The Lean assessment software enables an overall audit of the performance of lean practices,and so are able to identify lean improvements in a organisation​.

Lean Transition Solution