Emergency Response App:To Manage Emergency Situations

  • Prioritise Events​
  • Incident handling​
  • Assessment of Risk​
  • Team Alert
  • Status Tracking​
  • Large Area Coverage​

Prioritise Events​

Events can be assigned priority based on its severity. The reporting of an event will be based on the assigned priorities.​

Incident handling​

The application gives site maps and contact numbers available for reference. This improves the incident handling efficiency.​

Assessment of Risk​

Emergency Report System analyses the possibility of a risk and brings awareness among the employees.​

Team Alert ​

Various teams can be created to handle depending on the incident. These teams can be alerted during the time of emergency.​

Status Tracking​

To know how far along you have reached in reporting, Emergency Report system has the feature to track status of the incident reports.​

Large Area Coverage​

Areas covered can be varied from Security, Air Handling, Access Control, Spillages, temperature control, power failure etc​.

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