Our Team

Brett Griffiths

MSc MBA, Founder & Managing Director

Brett is the founder of Lean Transition Solutions Ltd (UK & India) and Your Career Academy (YCA), he also co-founded Kadou Learning. He has many years of experience

Rajan Jerome

Director & CEO

Rajan has had a dynamic 17+ year career offering broad-based experience and demonstrated contributions in the IT industry specialised in Agile Life cycle

Suzanna Janusz

Head of Operations Europe

She is responsible for the quality, health, growth and profitability of the LTS' relationships with our clients by ensuring that our services and solutions are

Dr. Cengiz Deniz

Industry 4.0 Consultant

Dr. Deniz has had nearly 15 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. He had different job roles such as Smart Production Technologies

Alba Cusworth

Global Operations Manager

As a Global Operations Manager, Alba oversees and manages day-to-day business activities across the globe.Her ability to lead and manage a team of professionals across

Nazia Sarkar

Learning Tech Consultant

Nazia is our Branding Specialist who is also the founder of Kadou Learning and the mastermind behind the MentorYou (MU) app. She enjoys developing people

Geandra Queiroz

Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Geandra works with LTS as an Operations Management Consultant, focusing on the Lean philosophy.She has experience in Lean Philosophy

Heather Piggot

Sales Manager Europe

Heather is a warm and welcoming individual who has run her own business with great success. She is a great supporter of Your Career Academy and

Victoria Hall

Leadership Development Advisor

Victoria has an in-depth experience in executive coaching, team development, and executive assessment, both as an internal and external consultant. She works

Abel Jiménez

Lean Consultant

Abel is one of the leading business transformation consultants in the Mexican business operation consulting industry and has got more than 30 years of industry

Sarun Dressler

Business Leader

Sarun is a value-added channel partner of Lean Transition Solutions in Germany. He knows the German manufacturing market for more than two decades, his knowledge

Mike Gee

Lean Consultant

Mike has had nearly five decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. in which more than 40 years he served various companies in different job roles

Dean Sanders

Business Improvement Consultant

Dean has a fascinating career with more than 23 years of experience in various industries. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Track Training a well

Viv Compton

Channel Partner

Viv has an extraordinary career in the field of consulting, counseling, employee training, and helping companies to adopt Lean Practices through people and

Alan Horton

Leadership Change Director

Alan works with LTS as the Director Leadership Change Consultant who is an internationally renowned expert in building highly effective organisational

Malcolm Sanders

Strategic change Director

Malcolm is our strategic change partner, who is also serving as a Chief Executive Officer at Track Training. He is having a proven track record in the

Lizzy Lowenstein

Channel Partner

Lizzy works with LTS as a channel partner, she is an enthusiastic Organisational Psychologist having remarkable experience in academic and applied psychology,

Omar Al Kharoulf

Senior Lean Consultant

Omar Al Kharouf Co-founder of Agile solutions is an Industrial Engineer and Lean Manufacturing Strategist. He has intensive experience in BPM and Process

Amer Jumah

Senior Lean Consultant

Amer is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Black Belt PMP, Lead Auditor and Co-founder of Agile Solutions. He has more than nine years of experience in

Manoj Parameswaran

Technical Consultant

Manoj is our primary point of contact for our US customers, he has countable experience in database management administration on client sites.

Akhil Clement

Director and Chief Technology Officer

Akhil is our creative and technology specialist. He has over 8 years of experience in the software industry with technical expertise. He loves building

Nidheesh Raj

Director and Chief Growth Officer

As our Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Nidheesh drives the company's overall growth strategy, identifying new business opportunities, and developing

Aneesh RR

Project Manager

Aneesh is responsible for planning, overseeing and leading projects from ideation through to completion. His proficiency optimises and improves

Sadhique P N

Solution Architect

Sadhique leads TPM and Scorecard activities including improving projects, providing guidance and driving results through delegation, and maintaining a

Abhinav M S

Team Lead

Abhinav has multiple years of experience in ERP solution customisation. He has extensive knowledge of business functions such as purchase, sales, accounting, HR,

Silla Jose

Senior Software Engineer

As an Oracle JD Edwards Technical consultant, Silla Jose always comes up with the best solutions for the clients, during these years she got opportunities to

Jayakrishnan V J

Creative Designer

Jayakrishnan is working as a creative designer having experience in Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Page maker and articulate


Team Lead

As a skilled software engineer and team lead, Prathin spearheads the development efforts by not only coding and integrating back-end components with web services but also by mentoring team members and making crucial technical decisions

Kavya Prasannan

HR Manager

As an HR Manager, Kavya takes the helm in overseeing the strategic and operational facets of human resources, pivotal in shaping the company's talent management strategies.

Rini Joseph

Digital Marketing Associate

As a key member of the Sales and Marketing team, Rini plays a crucial role in planning and executing data-driven Digital Marketing campaigns

Vaishnavi U

Software Engineer

Vaishnavi has an in-depth working knowledge of basic programming languages. She is responsible for monitoring internal

Devika U

Quality Analyst

Devika is responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services by monitoring and evaluating processes

Joji Samuel

Junior Software Engineer

Joji Samuel collaborates with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and contribute to developing mobile applications

Bhavya Mohan

Software Engineer

Bhavya is an integral part of the software development team, contributing to the design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of software applications

Vidhya Sadasivan

Junior Software Engineer

As a Junior Software Engineer, Vidhya plays a key role in designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions that drive the company's success.

Devika V

Content Marketing Specialist

Devika plays a key role in shaping our brand's online presence and driving customer engagement through strategic content creation.

Midhin Raj R

Business Development Executive

As a Business Development Executive, Midhin is instrumental in propelling our company's growth by identifying and capitalising on strategic business opportunities.

Arathi A S

Junior Web Designer

As a Junior Web Designer, Arathi is passionate about web design and collaborates closely with the design team to craft visually appealing and user-friendly websites,

Thousiya Alif

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer overseeing the complete software development process, Thousiya takes charge of designing, coding,

Nimmy Solomon

Software Test Engineer

Nimmy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and functionality of our software applications. She collaborates closely with development teams,

Gokul Sivan

Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer, Gokul plays a key role in our software development team, contributing to the design, development, and implementation,

Rishi Gopan G S

Software Engineer

Rishi plays a vital role in LTS's software development team, contributing to the creation, enhancement, and maintenance of software applications.

Sangeetha A S

Junior Software Engineer

Sangeetha contributes to the LTS software development team as a Junior Software Engineer, playing a vital role in designing,coding, testing, and debugging software

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