Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

The effective impact of Total Productive Maintenance in Manufacturing has been proven from the past few decades. Manufactures started implementing TPM following the Japanese manufacturer Nippondenso, who implemented TPM for the first time. One of the prime principle of TPM is to increase production also satisfices employee morale and job participation. Employee participation and training is a crucial part of overall TPM effectiveness. To achieve the prime target elimination of waste, it is essential that TPM should be implemented in a way that should address both equipment and employee participation. But sometimes this will be a pain point for manufactures, they fail to attract the right amount of employee participation.

When machines are not working to the optimum condition or down for any reason then it impacts the “Bottom Line” dramatically. By avoiding these kind of hurdles will help the manufactures to achieve the primary goals of Total Productive Maintenance are like:

  • Increase Equipment Effectiveness
  • Improve Maintenance Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Maintenance Prevention
  • Enhance the Skills of People Involved
  • Active Participation of Operators in Periodical Maintenance

By identifying these critical reasons Lean Transition Solutions Ltd have developed the LTS-TPM system called "Titan" a true software platform that will enable companies or organisations to have people and machines running to the optimum level. This will maintain and improve the uptime of machines and reduce overall cost of manufacturing. We developed Titan in a way that the software gives you the power to manage your particular bespoke requirements and maintenance flow. Titan empowers the TPM manager to manage and co-ordinate all the TPM activity through the Web or Mobile interface.