Dynamic Digital & Mobile KPIs In Organisations, Have You Heard About It ?

Today every single process and procedure is going digital or automated. An organisations transformation happens when a new technology is introduced. Now all industries are adopting the very latest technologies to improve their performance.

According to Forbes' 7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2017, are:

     1. Internet of Things (IoT)

     2. Augmented Reality (AR), & Virtual Reality(VR)

     3. Machine Learning

     4. Automation

     5. Humanized Bigdata

     6. Physical-Digital Interactions

     7. Everything On Demand

Many Manufactures adopted to this technological changes and implementing lean management software solutions like Balanced Scorecards, KPIs, TPM, 5S Audit, VSM and much more. The companies who recognise the power of digital movement are investing wisely in digitalisation, these investments help those companies to gain a greater return on investment and to attain operational excellence faster.

Let's hear a real life story from Marc Robinson, Continuous Improvement Lead from PCI Pharma, who played a major role in implementing Computerised Balanced Scorecard. This implementation transformed PCI Pharma to be more organised and focused on their strategic mission, Marc says

" By providing a central location to input, analyse and share our KPI's Data Point is enabling the Site management to more easily focus their efforts as a team, on the whole of the business. It's ability to allow automated data entry and analysis of trends, is giving us more time to spend on improvement, rather than just reporting the numbers. Combined with a disciplined approach to its use, within our SQDC meeting process, I believe Data Point will enable us to continually focus on key issues and drive business Excellence in all areas "

Data Point is a solution that is a combination of technologies such as IOT, Humanised Bigdata and Everything On Demand with the balanced scorecard. PCI Pharma has replaced their conventional whiteboards with smart touch screens. Now Data Point allows PCI to hold their morning stand-up meetings around the touchscreen to view SQDCP metrics and other key drivers.

Digitalisation is now not just a leadership level issue, but a value-driven process from the grass roots level of the organisation. This is a time for organisations to rethink about digitalisation in their manufacturing operations.