Industry 4.0 amidst COVID 19

The entire world is having a tough time fighting the pandemic COVID 19. As coronavirus continues to spread the governments, health workers and business leaders are focusing on ways to control the pandemic and regain normal life. Digitisation across many industries is taking place at a fast pace. Many consider this as an opportunity to rethink their own working practices. The world after COVID 19 will not be one which the world was familiar with. We hear the term ‘new normal’ everywhere. This term is also applicable in the manufacturing fields. Everywhere manufacturers are looking for ways to overcome the current situation and seek new opportunities to adapt and innovate. This new opportunity helps leaders to discover and implement innovative digital strategies to drive digital transformation across the organisation.

This pandemic outbreak is accelerating various manufacturing industries to adopt Industry 4.0 practices. It will lead to a more sophisticated approach to IoT (Internet of Things) technology and workflow. Companies who have already started or more mature in Industry 4.0 find it easy to adapt to the current situation, better late than never. Implementing the principles of the fourth Industrial revolution acts as a driving force to a become smarter organisation. Industry 4.0 amidst COVID 19 is a challenging time, and industries across the world are facing different kinds of challenges, therefore it is time that industries evolve to smarter factories and gain the benefits.


One possible thing that we learn in this time of pandemic is to embrace change, the change towards a more digitised environment. Even in the past, embracing change has been challenging, but once done it becomes an integral part of our lives. Governments are advising institutions to practice social distancing which will tremendously bring down the number of workers. Maybe after the pandemic only 50% or 25% of employees will be allowed in the workplaces. If so, industries should also be ready with advanced work methods and technologies imbedded with Industry 4.0 solutions. As remote working has come into practice, the upper level management should be well equipped with remote management of the employees to ensure efficiency over production and associated operations. It might seem quite challenging but with Industry 4.0 it is possible.

One of the aspects of Industry 4.0 is “dark factories” a futuristic approach to industries where no manpower is required. Maybe in the future we all will confront similar industries where everything is controlled and executed by machines. In the current situation we cannot simply neglect this view of “dark factories”, and that they will never happen. Researchers had foreseen the vision of Industry 5.0, in which there will be a return of human hands and minds. But for now, it is just accelerating or exploring more of Industry 4.0 and its various possibilities for industries to embrace.

With Industry 4.0

  • You can ensure the continuity of your business amidst the pandemic.
  • Emerge successful after the pandemic, by incorporating the ‘new normal’ thoughts.
  • Have a longer vision of the future.
With lean and Industry 4.0 you will never be left behind in the journey towards smarter factories.