Relevance of dynamic T-cards in lean industry 4.0 environment

In my previous article I tried to explain how TPM can be used in the growth of lean industry 4.0. Now I’m focusing in how T-Card can be used efficiently in the development of lean industry 4.0.

T-Card is one of the most commonly using tools for monitoring the status of the task in an organisation. We have realised that the Industry 4.0 demands for a Dynamic T-Card system which can be used more efficiently in lean methodology. It helps in Lean Production, where it is the strict integration of people within the production process, efficient time management and by focusing on the value adding activities by avoiding waste. The main concepts of lean within Industry 4.0 are for reduction of waste, continuous improvement, a change in production control towards demand oriented production with seamless connectivity and automated processes. T-Card helps in a faster reaction on a technology dependent process and how the production needs to be organised and processes need to be handled to reach in shortest lead time with high quality. It makes task planning and allocating task easier. Its simplicity and high effectiveness are the reasons why T-Card is used in the lean industry 4.0.

T-card in lean industry4.0

T-Cards are an ideal tool for keeping track of information and work. They are simple to use and require little or no training. Dynamic T-Card is suitable for companies which operate in multiple location or multi cellular layout, as they need not to walk up to the wall to see the job.

How does t-card influence lean industry 4.0

T-Card can be applied in industry where communication of tasks and priorities are important. This dynamic system is used for task allocation, where a few of the process-level tasks (among a great number that are being executed daily) are checked in the given time period (daily or weekly, as appropriate). This system helps employees to help each other because they can quickly see how far the other tasks are progressing. The employee uses the board as a checklist in order to priorities and plan the day. It is also a practical tool that assists with the allocation, sequencing, execution and follow-up of key work routines and tasks. It is a visual management process much like hour-by-hour production status boards. It is the simplest form that consists of a board that displays selected tasks according to certain logic ( Priority, Area, Task, Category, etc.) in relation to a time period (hour/day, week, etc). They also help in automatic sorting, searching and coordinating cards.

How dynamic T-CARD Improves connectivity of Lean Industry 4.0

  • Easy walkthrough over the ongoing and completed projects.
  • Integration with Production Management and ERP Systems
  • Better visual management
  • Provides access to multiple users.
  • Indicates the status of ongoing process.
  • Oversees key items for various tasks.
  • Send reminders and alerts to key users.
  • Better time management and faster execution system.
  • Efficiency in cost reduction.
  • Zero percentage chance to miss any T-cards