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Give voice to your students to raise against

Sexual Harrassment
Sexual Violance
Hate Crime
Cyber Bullying
Racial Abuse
Drug Misuse
Alcohol Misuse
Campus Watch
Mento Ill Health
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Give voice to your child to raise against

Save their academic time to build the future not on paper works

  • Identify and solve the incidents in no time
  • Haste free digital system to eliminate paper based clerical work
  • Track of all the incidents and records
  • Anywhere any time access to complete cases
  • Support e-learning and Offline training
  • Guidelines , Dash Boards Reports and Yearly Safeguarding Reoorts

WeSay Features

With WeSay informing incidents has never been easier

If you have a enterprise app already integration to your University,College,School App Dashboard

Attach Location​

One of the most important information regarding an incident is its location. Incident Reporting helps users to pin the location on a Google maps, thus making investigation procedure easier.​

Guidelines and Measures

Provides guidelines and safety measures to users regarding possible incidents. It helps them to figure what to do in a particular situation.​

Status Tracking​

Incident Reporting gives full visibility to the status of ongoing process, via time line reporting. This enables the user to understand how far along they have reached in the process.​

Real-Time Notifications

Instant trigger notification to alert the authorities about incidents happening at an instant. This helps the authorities to take action and resolve the issue immediately.​

Previous Incidents

The application gives information about all incidents which has occurred in the past. The user will be able to see patterns and prevent future accidents. ​


Incident Reporting allows you to attach pictures, documents, video involvements or related files of evidence to support investigation.​