Lean Accredited Training

LTS have a number of accredited programmes from the basic lean tools and techniques (Green Belt level) through to strategic lean (Black Belt) programmes. Our programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

  • Black Belt Training : Leading Strategic World Class Excellence Programme
  • Green Belt Training : Leading Operational World Class Excellence Programme
  • Lean Sigma Manager : Leading Statistical Overview Programme
  • Change Programme : Leading World Class Change programme
  • Value Stream Mapping : Value Stream Mapping Programme
  • Problem Solving : Leading Statistical Problem Solving
  • Basic lean : Introduction to Lean programme

Links with Academia

LTS have a number of links with Academia. We work with the University of Coventry and deliver regular talks to MSc and MBA students as part of the Global Leaders Programme. We have also deliver lean based training and talks at the University of Rzeszow University Poland enabling students to gain an understanding of how lean can be used to deliver real change within any organisation.

Lean Papers

LTS work with a number of organisations to understand best practice and what organisations are currently undertaking. In addition we publish assessments, assignments and other lean papers through the engagement of our accredited training programmes. This includes Black Belt assignments typically 5000 words, this provides a great source of information for managers and leaders alike.