Shifting Ata Rabah, to Lean

Lean Transition Solutions Ltd and Agile Consulting jointly signed a contract with Ata Rabah Co with headquarters in Amman, Jordan Ata Rabah is one of the premier and largest manufacturer of contemporary alumininum surfacing solutions such as curtain walls, doors, windows, shutters and gates. One of the largest manufactures of Aluminium in Amman.

Ata Rabah's policy has always been to adopt the highest standards of quality and excellence through the development of lean and continuous improvement. To achieve their lean & continuous Improvement goals Ata Rabah have partnered LTS and Agile Consulting to deliver dramatic improvements within the business. The initial scope of the project is for Lean Audit and Assesment, Lean Training, Restructuring of Production Line and 5 S Implementation. This will lead onto more detailed lean tools and techniques to a deliver sustainable lean programme. Lean Transition Solutions & Agile Consulting continue to deliver lean programmes globally to enable organisation to grow and impact the bottom line. If you would like us to visit your organisation for a free consultation please let us know.

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