TRP one step ahead in lean strategic training

With the initiation of lean strategic planning, TRP Sealing Systems Ltd has started their lean journey with Lean Transition Solution (LTS). TRP are passionate about long-term sustainable lean. The engagement will enhance the leadership team to manage strategic processes like Business Blue Prints, Transition Planning & Hoshin Kanri.

TRP is also looking to implement lean business systems including Data Capture, Digital "T" card system and a Master Production Schedule. This links to the strategic planning process enabling smart lean technology to drive through improvements. However lean fails more often over human issues than technical errors these can be linked to not having a clear structure or processes cascaded from the top. Our high-level processes and training are one of the ways to cope with these human issues. Our strategic plans enable our customers to develop the required knowledge and skills for a Lean enterprise structure. It also helps develop a corporate culture that is conducive to and enables a lean strategy.

TRP will be able to develop the capability to replicate and transfer knowledge internally, design realistic lean projects which are aligned with key objectives, make improvements focused on delivering value aligned to the needs of the customer and business etc. The foundation for success lies in the ability to execute the strategy over time. A lean organisation understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. Many organisations do not understand customer value, leading to some managers working in areas that do not influence the value proposition. When employees are focused on delivering value, they will be more productive and efficient. TRP's lean programme aims to create a sustainable lean culture delivering long-term business value.

Lean Transition Solution