Roman Showers, a reputable and well established UK Brand has been manufacturing showering solutions for over 33 years, and is home to the UK's largest shower manufacturing plant. They have opted Lean Transition Solutions(LTS) to implement Lean Strategies to enhance their overall productivity and efficiency. To significantly improve productising and to grow business by 20%, the company took up our Value Stream Mapping programme as a part of their lean journey. The training took place on the first day of a five day long Black Belt Lean Programme. Major objectives of this programme was to understand the importance of focusing on the value stream with the concept of organisational values and eliminating waste.

Value Stream Mapping technique is often associated with Lean programmes to identify opportunities for improvement in lead time, logistics, supply chain, service related industries, healthcare, software development, and product development. VSM is a powerful tool used to envision and analyse the flow of material and information required for a product or service. It helps in identifying the non-value adding activities and waste existing within the organisation. This is one of the most needed interventions in a professional’s career. VSM plays a major role in business process improvement which is an important feature in the growth of an organisation.

Lean Transition Solution