Lean is Getting Greater Acceptance In Health Care Industry

After PCI Pharma, Lean Transition Solutions is transforming another health care organisation BBI Group with lean strategy. The BBI Group has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading diagnostic and healthcare organisations for over 25 years. The BBI Group offers a portfolio of products and services that are provided to the diagnostic, healthcare, research, defence and food industries globally. The BBI Group now employs over 450 members of staff across 10 global facilities.

As a kick-off programme, LTS started training Strategic Lean Implementation through a Black Belt course, designed not just to be another training course, but to deliver sustainability and impact bottom line results.

BBI Group operates with a mission to deliver exceptional products and technologies that people rely on to enjoy a better quality of life. To achieve this strategic mission it is vital to improve and streamline their processes through innovation, technology and collaboration with people development. BBI Group have embarked on this journey with LTS whom they can trust to attain their strategic mission.

Lean Transition Solution